I’m a classically trained guitarist performing both as a soloist and for ensemble in a wide variety of styles. I graduated in 1996 from Schoolcraft College with an Associates degree in Music performance, and then, studying under the tutelage of Brian Roberts went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance with a secondary in Jazz from Wayne State University in 2004. While at Wayne State and along the way I’ve performed and participated in several masterclasses with renowned artists William Kanengiser, John Holmquest, Philip Candelaria, Jason Vieaux, Scott Tennant, and Antigoni Goni. I also completed the teacher requirements for books 1-a and 1-b for the Suzuki Guitar Institute.

I teach all styles of guitar, as I have been in many different types of music situations: Soloist (Classical) Ensemble (Classical and Jazz) Lead and Rhythm (Various Rock and Roll bands) Songwriting and Recording. I am a people person that learned the guitar from many different sources. Most of my learning came from watching others and communicating with others. I like to learn about the people I am teaching so that I can better understand their needs as a musician. My education came as a practical necessity in order to get better as a teacher and performer, as well as make a living doing it. But, by no means do I preach the need to be “educated” but only to be a working, practical musician. I will surely go over the need to read music once the need becomes evident, enlighten you as to why it may be important to understand certain aspects of music as opposed to just “picking and grinning”, IE learning only “By Ear.” I do specialize in music theory and have many students taking lessons simply for this excellent foundation for songwriting also.

Once or twice a year I host a special “Student Jam Session” where my electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass students can participate in a live rehearsal/performance with professional musicians. Students will get a chance to play in front of people as well as listen to themselves afterwards as each session is recorded.

Many of my classical guitar and electric guitar students have gone on to study further at the collegiate level. Some of them achieving scholarships and becoming working, sometimes full-time professional musicians.  A couple of more recent former students of mine went on to get scholarships at Berklee Music School of Boston, and are now in a band called “Stormstress”  who have won New England’s “Band of the year” a few times over.

Performing for hire, I’ll cater to the needs of each performance rather than only rely upon current and standard sets. Besides playing solo finger-style I also perform in a duo act called “Two Guitars” along with fellow bassist/guitarist Ron Butzu (who also plays the upright bass in the duo), where we specialize in Classical, Jazz and Pop styles for ceremonial/formal functions.  We also play in a rock band working with a drummer and female vocalist doing both covers and originals. I am in the city of Livonia MI with my wife Melissa and nineteen-year-old son Joshua.